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About us

Our story began in 2014 when we embarked on the realm of vehicle transportation across the expanse of the USA. Our experiences acquainted us with the intricate workings of the carrier industry – we understood it from the inside out. It was this profound insight, coupled with a deep alignment with the intricate cogs of organization management and dispatch, that spurred the birth of USA AUTO STAR.

Our impetus was simple yet powerful: we comprehend the challenges of ensuring the secure and conscientious transportation of vehicles. The arduous task of entrusting your cherished possession to another’s care resonates deeply with us.

Bound together with a network that spans more than 13,000 carriers, we are unequivocally confident in our ability to transport your vehicle with an unwavering commitment to its safety and honor. Operating as a small-scale, INSURED, and LICENSED, family enterprise, we intrinsically appreciate the value of offering undivided attention and devoted care to your vehicle’s journey.

You can rely on our support from start to finish throughout the process of transporting your vehicle.

With USA AUTO STAR, your vehicle’s journey is not merely a transaction; it’s a commitment to the highest standards of care and service.

Discover the optimal car transport solution.

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With a track record of over 8 years, we offer unbeatable prices and maintain a reputation for top-notch quality in our shipping services!

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Family Business

With a family ethos, we infuse personal care and dedication into every interaction.

Insured & Licensed

We carry the credentials that underscore our professionalism and dedication to safety.

Personalized Quote

We value uniqueness. No instant quotes here. We create tailored quotations after a thorough review of your needs.

Transport experience

Our history in vehicle transportation equips us with insights that translate into exceptional service.

Quality Assurance

In choosing USA Auto Star, you're not merely choosing a service – you're opting for a commitment to excellence that resonates in every mile of your vehicle's journey.

24/7 Support

Our assistance is accessible around the clock, ensuring you're never alone in this journey.


Why USA Auto Star

We stand apart because we embody more than just a service – we offer experience, equitable pricing, and unparalleled quality. Our understanding of the practical intricacies of vehicle transportation is enriched by the experiences we’ve accumulated. This wealth of experience empowers us to handpick the most suitable transporter for your vehicle.

As a compact yet seasoned company, we are fortified by full insurance coverage and the appropriate licenses. This assurance extends to our customers, enveloping your vehicle’s journey in a cocoon of security.

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